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Shelter. Style.

Function first. With looks.

The exterior of your home serves a couple purposes, shelter barrier and style. Most importantly you want your exterior shell to be in working condition. Weathered siding and paint can pose potential risk to your home. Water damage and mold can slowly occur with minor leaks! Cracking and peeling paint and caulk are a couple signs of siding that needs maintenance. Siding also serves as a statement, it creates curb appeal! There are plenty of design options with siding and we cannot wait to share them with you. Give us a call and lets get started.

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Our Clients Say.

“I contacted your company on 06/21/2012 following a flood in Duluth, MN on 06/20/2012. Despite all the work which would become available to you due to the entire city affected by the unusual storm system, you responded quickly to my desperate message. I am selling my house, and inspections were due within the week. By July 2nd, you had completed all work, as promised. The flood was unlucky, but choosing your company was good luck. Thank you.”

Joan Burns